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Quick Overview

STARBODIES™ Whey to MUSCLE is a Premium, Australian lon Exchange Whey Protein Isolate. It is NOT an inferior whey blend or concentrate like many other brands on the market.

Product Description

STARBODIES™ Whey to MUSCLE is a Premium, Australian lon Exchange Whey Protein Isolate. It is NOT an inferior whey blend or concentrate like many other brands on the market. And because we wanted only the very best for our customers, we also ADDED 4600mg of L-Glutamine per serving. Plus, the 5300mg of L-Glutamine that naturally occurs in STARBODIES™ Whey, makes your STARBODIES™ Whey to MUSCLE contain a whopping 9900mg of L-Glutamine per serving. Unlike many other Ion Exchange derived Isolates, your STARBODIES™ Whey to MUSCLE is rich in Glycomacropeptides (GMP), which research has proven very positive as an appetite suppressant, and shown to promote lean muscle growth. It is also rich in Branch Chain Amino Acids, Beta Lactoglobulin, and Alpha Lactobumin in their native state, not to mention that it is extremely Low in Lactose.
Because STARBODIES™ Whey to MUSCLE is made with only Premium, Quality Ingredients, you can taste the amazing difference! Most other companies use artificial flavors mixed with some natural flavors, but we used only Natural Flavors because our taste can’t be beat! You’ll taste the difference & be shocked! Why chug down a bad tasting protein shake when you can finally have the best Quality & Flavor combined? You and your lean body will love it!
Research suggests that you consume between 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight (muscle). And with just food alone, it is quite difficult to consume adequate amounts of needed protein, without going over your daily calorie requirements. STARBODIES™ Whey to MUSCLE will help you meet your needed protein requirements every 2-3 hours, to feed your muscles, and still stay within your calorie limits...even with your busy schedule.
Remember, the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism will be. The higher your metabolism, the more calories & body fat you will burn, even while at rest. If you do not feed your muscles the adequate amount of protein they need daily, you will lose your awesome muscles! If you lose your muscles, you lower your metabolism! If you lower your metabolism, you don’t burn calories at an efficient rate, resulting in a gain of body fat. FEED YOUR MUSCLES PROTEIN!
If you lift weights and train hard to build your muscles, but then do not eat adequate amounts of protein to feed those muscles, they will never grow. Why do all of the hard work in the gym, then not do the easy part by eating adequate amounts of protein to help build and repair those awesome muscles that you just tore down? STARBODIES™ Whey to MUSCLE helps build your muscles, raise your metabolism, and burn more body fat!
STARBODIES™ Whey to MUSCLE is loaded with L-Glutamine(9900mg per serving)! L-Glutamine is important because... When your body is under stress, whether it’s stress from everyday life or the stress you put your body under during a workout, your body releases a fat-storing hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol causes your body to store body fat as a survival mechanism, and break down your lean muscle tissue into amino acids to assist your immune system.You want to block Cortisol from storing this body fat & wasting your lean muscles. L-GLUTAMINE BLOCKS CORTISOL! L-Glutamine has been added to your STARBODIES™ Whey to MUSCLE to ensure that your body builds muscle, not wastes muscle!
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 2 scoopfuls (52g)
Servings Per Container about 23

Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
Calories 198 Calories from fat 3
Total Fat less than 1g0%
Saturated Fat 0g0%
Cholesterol 7mg2%
Sodium 293mg13%
Potassium 489mg15%
Total Carbohydrate 2g0%
Dietary Fiber 2.5g10%
Sugars 0
Sugar Alcohol 0
Protein 44g
L-Glutamine ADDED4600 mg
L-Glutamine Total9900 mg
Alpha-Lactalbumin 3.6-4.8g
Amino Acid Profile
2280 mg
Arginine 960 mg
Aspartic Acid 4440 mg
Cystine / Cysteine744 mg
Glutamic Acid8448 mg
Glycine528 mg
Histidine524 mg
Isoleucine3280 mg
Leucine 4604 mg
Lysine4188 mg
Methionine1096 mg
Phenylalanine1212 mg
Proline2864 mg
Serine1908 mg
Threonine3144 mg
Tryptophan928 mg
Tyrosine1340 mg
Valine2756 mg
INGREDIENTS: Australian Ion Exchange Whey Protein Isolate, L-Glutamine, Natural Flavors, Sucralose (SPLENDA Brand No Calorie Sweetener).
Directions: For a rich creamy shake, mix 2 heaping scoopfuls with 12oz. of water & ice, in blender.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Starbodies Inc