Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Dieting & Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength

Is Starbodies Slim Extra Strength® all natural?
Yes, our Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength is all natural.  There’s no caffeine, no ephedra, and no jitters!

What does the Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength do?
It will help to suppress your appetite, curb your cravings, and boost your metabolism!

Is the Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength for Men and Women?
Yes, our product is for both men and women!

Can children take the Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength? Children are growing and we do not want anyone under 18 taking our Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength Extra Strength. Overweight children need to start learning proper eating habits, by cutting out sugars, and exercising more.

Can I take Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength even though I am on thyroid medication or an antidepressant?
Our ingredients have been carefully selected so not to interfere with your medications. But, if on other medications, fax our Ingredients List to your doctor for their approval, and to put you at ease.

What ingredients are in the Proprietary Blend?
There are no hidden ingredients in our Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength formula. The “Proprietary Blend 775mg” contains all the ingredients that are listed on the label, nothing else. The Proprietary Blend is: Fucoxanthin, Lotus Leaf Flavonoids & Alkaloids, Decaf Green Tea 45%, Green Aloe, Hawthorne Hyperosides, Citrus Aurantium Synephrine, Konjac Glucommannan.

Are there any side effects?
Some people have said that initially it gave them a dry mouth. This encouraged them to drink a lot more water throughout the day, which actually is a great thing!

Does anyone have trouble sleeping?
A few customers have said that the first few nights they couldn’t sleep as soundly, but it went away. The Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength helps to boost your metabolism throughout the day (without the jitters). Therefore, for those who might have a sluggish metabolism to begin with, a higher metabolism may make them feel restless the first few nights. However, they have said that it goes away after 3 or 4 nights. Customers also said that they took a Tylenol PM for those first few nights & slept like a rock.

Do I have to take this forever to maintain my weight loss?
No, most customers have told us that after they have reached their goal weight, they then only took 1 capsule, (maybe, every week, or month), if they felt like they were starting to crave bad foods at a certain time of the month, or just to give them that extra willpower to hold back during food gatherings, holiday parties, etc.

Why do I need to take pictures BEFORE I start taking the Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength?
We give you a FREE bottle of Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength in exchange for the use of your BEFORE & AFTER pictures to use on our website, because, with this product, every day counts!

What do I eat?
With every single Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength Order, you receive a sample 1200 Calorie Meal Plan, which also explains when to take your Starbodies Slim™ Extra Strength Extra Strength, or any of the other Starbodies Supplements (such as Protein Shakes, Fiber, Multi, Cod Liver Oil, etc.)

Do I have to follow the Meal Plan to lose weight?
No. Most customers tell us that they lose weight no matter what, BUT we would like for you to take the weight off the correct way, by losing the FAT, and feeding (keeping) the MUSCLES (& METABOLISM)….to keep this body fat off for good!  Feed the muscles protein every 3 hours (on the Meal Plan) and lose the body fat by cutting out the extra calories of simple carbs & junk food (with the help of your Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength Appetite Suppressant & Metabolism Booster). You are a role model of Starbodies, and we want you to succeed!  Please do it the right way.

What are some examples of protein?
Eggs (boil up a dozen for ease), all meats, cheeses, nuts, peanut butter, cottage cheese…

What are some examples of simple carbs (sugar)?
Processed foods (crackers, pretzels, muffins, cereals), breads, pastas, potatoes, rice, juices, sodas, some fruits.

What are the names of hidden sugars that I need to be aware of in sauces, condiments, and salad dressings?
Maltodextrose, dextrose, sucrose, fructose, high-fructose corn syrup, malt syrup, corn syrup, molasses, maple sugar, levulose, lactose, honey, galactose, and glucose

Why should I avoid artificial sweeteners?
Artificial sweeteners might not have the calories of real sugar, but they still act like sugar to the body, and will make you CRAVE.

What are some of the names of artificial sweeteners?
Aspartame (in diet sodas, gums, and many so called sugar-free foods), Saccharine, and limit Splenda.  Try Stevia, instead.

Why do sugars and artificial sweeteners make me crave?
Sugar, hidden sugars, and artificial sweeteners make you crave by raising your blood sugar, then when insulin is released to regulate your high blood sugar, your blood sugar drops… and then you CRAVE (that high blood sugar) again.  Cut out those diet sodas, gums, and all other products that contain these things and you will stop craving…

If I am not hungry, why do I have to eat?
#1.  If you SKIP meals, you will cause your blood sugar to drop, and this will cause cravings, as well.
#2.  If you SKIP meals, you will lose your muscles and lower your metabolism. 
You see, even though the Starbodies Slim™ Extra Strength will suppress your appetite, you do not want to SKIP meals.   Skipping meals will cause your blood sugar to drop, so then your body craves a higher blood sugar, which in turn causes you to CRAVE; your body then demands food.  And skipping meals causes you to lose muscle…“The more muscle you have, the higher metabolism you will have.”  Think of the words, “muscle” and “metabolism,” as almost being interchangeable. Do you want to starve off your metabolism? No, way!  Well, if you don’t eat at least a little protein every 3 hours, your body is going to find the needed amino acids (protein building blocks) itself, and your body will tear down your nice, little, lean muscle mass into amino acids to help keep your immune system high, and for needed bodily functions. You do not want to lose muscles (& metabolism), which you will do, if you just decide to skip meals. This will make you yo-yo. So, use this little Starbodies Slim™ Extra Strength Extra Strength pill to help you stay away from craving the junk foods, yet help you eat smaller portions. But you still have to eat the good stuff to keep your muscles and your metabolism fed…

If I don’t drink that much water, will that affect my weight loss?
When you get dehydrated by not drinking enough water, your body will trigger a hunger response. You need to drink 8-10 big glasses throughout the day.

What foods will keep me satisfied, longer?
Proteins and good fats will fill you up, and keep you satiated longer, whereas carbs will make you crave more.

Again, what are all the reasons we crave?
#1. Skipping meals lowers your blood sugar and makes you crave a high blood sugar.
#2. Eating simple carbs or artificial sweeteners makes you crave, because these foods break down ‘simply’ and quickly, causing a rise in your blood sugar, and then when your blood sugar drops, you crave that high again.
#3. Not drinking enough water and getting dehydrated will also cause a hunger response, and cause you to crave.

I’ve been taking the Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength for a few months now, and I don’t feel like it’s working as strongly as it did when I first started. What do I do?
Two things…
#1. Our bodies are very smart, so if you are skipping meals and not eating enough, your body will detect a famine, and slow down your metabolism.  So, if with your first bottle, you skipped meals because you were not hungry, you may have slowed down your fat loss.  This is also because if you didn’t eat enough protein, your body will have found the needed protein itself by breaking down your lean muscle tissue. And when you lose muscle, you lose your metabolism.
 #2.  If you do the same exact thing, everyday, you will look exactly the same. So, if you feel like it’s not working as strongly, stop taking it for a few days, and then re-start it again.

Everyone I know has lost weight with Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength, what if it doesn’t work for me, once I start?
If it doesn’t work for you, then you may have another underlying condition such as an underactive thyroid, or adrenal fatigue (caused by excessive, ongoing stress), in which you would need to see a doctor to diagnose. 

Will excessive stress cause me to not lose weight with the Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength?
Absolutely, yes! Most everyone does well on the Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength, but if you start to experience excessive stress in your life whether it’s from the fallen economy, your job, relationship problems, an illness, and even excessive exercise that can cause undo stress, your body will release higher levels of cortisol, which is one of your fat storing hormones. And this high level of cortisol will halt your weight loss, and actually make you gain body fat, usually showing up in the belly area.

How do I combat stress & high cortisol levels?
If your body is already working overtime because of stress, you definitely don’t need anymore stimulants such as caffeine. That will only make you release more cortisol. Please switch to decaf for coffee and diet sodas (or avoid sodas all together). And eliminate sugar & simple carbs. These also make your body release cortisol and store body fat.  Increase your Vitamin B-Complex intake. B-Vitamins help calm stress.  And if we are avoiding breads, pastas, potatoes and rice (to eliminate unnecessary carbs, sugar), we aren’t getting many B-Vitamins in our diet, so definitely supplement each day with a good B-Complex Vitamin.  And lastly, try getting to sleep by 10pm each night. Otherwise, your cortisol levels start to rise after 10pm, and that’s what causes you to not be able to sleep, while also storing body fat from the high cortisol level.  Getting to bed on time and trying to catch a nap in the daytime are two of the best things you can do to combat stress, high cortisol levels, and body fat storage…  

I am very sensitive to other products, how can I be sure that I won’t feel jittery with this?
Our product doesn’t make customers feel jittery, but because you feel that you are sensitive to other products, to put you at ease, take your Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength Extra Strength WITH FOOD. Do this for a few days, and then wean yourself to taking it on an empty stomach.

What if I feel nauseous?
That is not usual with our product, so what that means is that you are NOT eating enough. You are probably skipping meals because you are not hungry, but in doing so, you are lowering your blood sugar, and this is making you nauseous. You have to eat every 3 hours… a little bit of protein.

What if I get a headache?
That is not a usual reaction with our product. So, if you experience this, you may not be drinking enough water and are dehydrated. Drink more water.

What if I have a reaction?
No one ever has a reaction to our product but if you do, you personally, might be intolerant to one of our 6 natural ingredients. Everyone is different. You may just have an allergy to one of the ingredients, yourself. For example, Priscilla, the Owner of Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength, is highly allergic to oats, and has to avoid them, but oats are very healthy for the rest of the population. (And no, oats are not in the Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength. This is just an example that you may be intolerant to one of our natural ingredients, if our product doesn’t agree with you, personally.)

My friend is losing faster than I am. Why?
The one with the most muscle will win the fat loss game. This means that if your friend has more muscle mass and a higher metabolism than you do to begin with, they will lose faster than you will. Just keep feeding your muscles protein, and let the Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength do the rest…

I am a larger person and have more weight to lose than my friend, can I take 2 capsules?
No, we would prefer that you only take 1 capsule each morning.  And if you are a larger person, you may have stretched your stomach over the years, so you really need to eat smaller meals to help shrink your stomach and lessen your appetite.  But the Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength, itself, does help to curb your appetite, so you should be fine.

I’ve been on every diet imaginable, will this work for me?
With your last zillion diets, you probably starved off your muscle mass by not eating enough protein, so you lowered your metabolism. Then when you ate normally again, you yo-yo’d and gained all of your weight back. This is because your metabolism went to sleep with your last diet because of the muscle loss. This will work against you in the beginning, because you probably have a low metabolism. But if you eat protein every 3 hours to keep whatever muscles you have left, fed, you will get your metabolism back to where it should be. (And weight training will build your muscles & help to raise your metabolism tremendously, too. Try it!)

Will I succeed with the Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength?
You will succeed at keeping your fat off “IF” you take your weight off the correct way this time. And what that means is… take off the BODY FAT and keep the MUSCLES. You WANT the scale to drop from fat loss, not muscle loss. There is a big difference. Feed the muscles, starve the fat, and you will be lean and mean with a high metabolism, and no yo-yoing!