Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength Ingredients

Starbodies Slim® Extra Strength Ingredients:

Lotus Leaf Flavonoids & Alkaloids (Lipase Inhibitor, Fat Inhibitor):

Extracts from the Lotus Leaf are Lipase Inhibitors, (which are also known as Lipid or Fat Inhibitors) because if fat in the digestive tract isn’t broken down sufficiently to small molecules, it can’t be absorbed into the blood. Lotus Leaf Extracts also help to suppress the appetite and have been used medicinally as a cardiac tonic, and for its diuretic properties.


Decaffeinated Green Tea 45% EGCG:

Helps promote weight loss by burning fat, increasing metabolism, and inhibiting the movement of glucose in fat cells.  It is also a powerful antioxidant that has shown to lower total cholesterol levels, and improve the ratio of good (HDL) to bad (LDL) cholesterol.


Resveratrol (98% Trans-Resveratrol):

Is commonly found in Red Wine, and has been at the center of ground-breaking anti-aging, weight loss research. Resveratrol is rich in anti-oxidants which has the effect of reversing the build-up of toxins. Within days of use, Resveratrol can show results in your belly, waist, legs, and other hard to slim areas, without reducing caloric intake or exercise! Studies have reported Resveratrol to have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and weight loss properties! 


Rhodiola Rosea:

Is a powerful adaptogen that reduces cortisol levels (that store fat), while optimizing levels of key brain chemicals involved in mood, such as serotonin and dopamine, that function together to maintain a healthy response to stress.  Rhodiola Rosea supports the functioning of the adrenal glands, and encourages immune support during stress, whether physical, emotional, or mental stress by normalizing cortisol levels and other stress-related hormones.  It also optimizes attention span and the capacity to learn, while encouraging a calm, relaxed emotional state.



Mucuna Pruriens:

Contains L-Dopa, which is an amino acid that converts into dopamine. Dopamine is required for proper functioning of the brain to improve mood, give a sense of well being, and reduce appetite.  It has also been shown to stimulate the natural release of growth hormone, increase sex drive, burn fat from cells, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, increase urination as a diuretic, as well as been used as an anti-Parkinson disease drug. 




Is an advanced form of tryptophan, an amino acid that tells your brain to produce serotonin, therefore 5-HTP is highly effective at raising serotonin levels. Serotonin is called our ‘satisfaction’ brain chemical  because it helps to control appetite, regulate mood, and promote healthy sleep patterns. If serotonin levels are normal then we don’t feel the need to overeat sugary refined carbs which give us a short term serotonin boost. 



Konjac Glucomannan:

Is a soluble fiber that helps those wanting to lose weight. Glucomannan forms a soft gel with water, creating a feeling of satiety or fullness, which also slows the absorption rate of sugar, lowers the Glycemic Index, lowers blood cholesterol, and promotes regular bowel movements. 


Ginger Root:

Has been used medicinally for years to ease menstrual cramps, prevent nausea & motion sickness, aid in digestion, lower LDL Cholesterol, and lower blood pressure with it’s diuretic properties. It is also known for its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. 



Citrus Aurantium Synephrine:

Also known as ‘bitter orange” or “seville orange,” the outer peel of this citrus fruit is used as an appetite suppressant and a thermogenic, increasing your metabolism & burning calories. It improves circulation and liver functions in the body for stimulating the breakdown of fat.  It is a main ingredient in many marmalades, and has also been used to flavor beer and tea.


Cape Aloe:

Is a natural cleansing herb and can be used to help remove harmful toxins from the body as a detoxification herb. It also stimulates cell renewal, and contains more amino acids (a total of  34) , vitamins, minerals, & polysaccharides than aloe vera.  It has shown to help relieve certain complaints such as arthritis, allergies, high blood pressure, heartburn, acne, urinary tract infections, stomach ulcers, liver functions, eye infections, & sunburn.



Guggulsterone E & Z:

Has been identified as a weight loss agent by raising your metabolic rate and stimulating fat loss.  It has also shown to decrease LDL cholesterol and Triglyceride levels, plus has been used as a potent anti-inflammatory agent, as well as a treatment for acne.



Banaba Leaf:

Has shown in studies to lower & balance blood sugar.  Stabilizing blood sugar helps against cravings, appetite, and fat storage.  



Coleus Forskohlii: 

Studies have shown Coleus to stimulate (lipolysis) fat loss because it increases Cyclic AMP, which Researches have found that many obese people have lower than normal Cyclic AMP production.  It also, has been heavily researched for the treatment of allergies, cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, psoriasis, and of course, weight loss.