Lash Extenders, Mascara Diva & Glycolic Pads Package

Lash Extenders, Mascara Diva & Glycolic Pads Package

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Special Holiday Package of our most popular Beauty Items: Lash Extenders, Mascara Diva, and Glycolic Pads. Priced together for only $72.00

Product Description

Lash Extenders are instant, brush-on Lash Extensions! This Professional formula dramatically lengthens your lashes by brushing on & attaching tiny fibers to your wet mascara to make your lashes instantly longer. You can make your eyelashes look extra long & dramatic, (so much that they can touch your eyebrows), or you can just brush on a few fibers to make them look intriguing, but not too long. Whatever length you wish to have for your lashes, you can have in a second! Mascara Diva instantly creates the healthiest, longest, thickest, curviest lashes ever, resulting in an ultra-glam ‘just-off-the-runway” look. It’s a Pure Professional High Tech Long Lasting Formula, with an intense, deep, kohl black shade that glides on smoothly, and draws out every last lash to glamorous lengths. Mascara Diva works perfectly with our Lash Extenders, because the Mascara Diva is very wet when first applied, and when you immediately brush on the Lash Extenders (which are little lash fibers), they adhere beautifully to the very wet Mascara Diva, making longer, fuller lashes. The more Mascara Diva & Lash Extenders you apply, over and over, the longer & fuller your lashes will become. That very instance you will be amazed! They have the look of false long eyelashes, but they look totally natural, like they are your own beautiful long lashes! You will never want to leave home without them on! Glycolic Pads Our At Home Facial Peel Pads will help exfoliate & improve clogged pores, and help repair the appearance of aging, damaged skin. It will help to improve the appearance of wrinkles, and visually improve the look of skin elasticity and firmness. It brings a visual improvement in the appearance of skin brightness, clarity & glow.

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