Lash Extenders

Lash Extenders

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Quick Overview

This is a favorite product for yourself or to give as a gift. You use the Mascara first, then brush on the Lash Extenders (tiny fibers) to stick to the wet mascara, making your lashes very long, instantly. The more Lash Extenders you brush on, the longer they get. Like Salon lash extensions, without the price nor time in the Salon chair

Product Description

With our Lash Extenders you can make your eyelashes look extra long & dramatic, (so much that they can touch your eyebrows), or you can just brush on a few fibers to make them look intriguing, but not too long. Whatever length you wish to have for your lashes, you can have in a second! Our Mascara Diva works perfectly with our Lash Extenders, because the Mascara Diva is very wet when first applied, and when you immediately brush on the Lash Extenders (which are little lash fibers), they adhere beautifully to the very wet Mascara Diva, making longer, fuller lashes. The more Mascara Diva & Lash Extenders you apply, over and over, the longer & fuller your lashes will become. That very instance you will be amazed! They have the look of false long eyelashes, but they look totally natural, like they are your own beautiful long lashes! You will never want to leave home without them on!

Additional Information

Manufacturer DivaDerme
Directions Apply a coat of Mascara Diva to one eye, then immediately stroke the Lash Extenders onto the wet Mascara Diva, making long strokes all the way to the end of your lashes. The tiny fibers cling to your wet Mascara Diva providing the look of long eyelashes. The more fibers you stroke on, the longer your lashes will get. So, if you wish for your lashes to be even longer, reapply both again until your lashes reach the length & fullness you desire.
Repeat with the other eye.
Whether you want subtle or dramatic lashes, you will love these products!

Rinse off with soap and water, or eye make-up remover.