Meal Plans

  Surround yourself with positive people, those who are encouraging and enthusiastic. Remember, negative people want to bring you “down” to their level, instead of them coming “up” to your level. Some are afraid of change. Don’t allow anyone to act like a weight pulling you down. You try to be the helium balloon, pulling them up!

If someone looks great, or does a great job at something, tell them! We are all in this together, and it really does make someone feel good when his or her hard work is complimented.

Remember, when you are happy with yourself, you are happier to everyone around you. It really does show! So, maximize your workouts, don’t just go through the motions. You have one and only body. Think how great you want to look and feel. This is for no one else but you. You are doing this for yourself, so try to be the best that you can be! Oh, and one more thing…………………Good luck, from Pris!!