Calorie & Protein Calculator

The first step to figuring out your calorie requirements is to find out how much Body Fat and Lean Body Weight (muscle) you have.

This step is very, very important.
When you know your Body Fat, you will then be able to fill in the easy formula to figure out your calorie and protein requirements. Once you know those requirements, you can look at the Sample DIET Plans that match your calorie needs.

Also, if you are going to be including the Weight Training Programs in your new healthy lifestyle, you definitely will want to know your Lean Body Weight and Body Fat before you get started. Those numbers will be crucial for tracking your progress. You will be able to look back and see how much body fat and lean muscle mass you had when you started the program, compared to how far you’ve come. It will be exciting to see the changes!

To find out your body fat percentage
, you could go to a local gym and ask someone there to pinch your body fat (with a caliper). It should take only about 15 minutes. Or you can purchase a body fat caliper at a local sports store, and try to do it yourself with the following Body Fat Formula. I have to admit, if you have never used one of those silly calipers, they aren’t so simple to use the first couple of times. But you may want to give it a try.

Nonetheless, you need your Body Fat Percentage to fill in the following formula, which will give you the results of your Calorie Requirements, Protein Requirements, Lean Body Weight, Pounds of Body Fat, Maximum Heart Rate and Target Heart Rate:

Calorie Calculator