Supplement Overview

Orange Star STARBODIES™ Slim Extra Strength - for all natural weight loss
Orange Star STARBODIES™ Metabolism POWER Multi - to give your body daily needed nutrients to help your metabolism run at a great rate
Orange Star STARBODIES™ - for added protein
Orange Star STARBODIES™ - to help against body fat storage / blood sugar stabilization
Orange Star Calcium / Magnesium - for bone health
Orange Star L-Glutamine - to spare lean muscle tissue from being used for energy
Orange Star Flax Seed Oil - for body fat loss (add in your protein shake)
Orange Star Fish Oil or Capsules - for body fat loss & for hormones
Orange Star CLA - to accelerate body fat loss
Orange Star Creatine (without sugar) - for strength (your option)
Orange Star Glucosamine / Chondroitin w/ MSM - for joint problems & to help build collagen (your option)
Orange Star Chlorophyll Caps or liquid - for fresh breath
Orange Star Green Tea - for antioxidants that neutralize harmful, daily free-radicals
Orange Star Stevia® - As a natural sweetener for your decaf coffee or tea