Losing Body Weight

There are many ways to lose body weight:

Orange Star Diets That Lack Nourishment
Orange Star Skipping Meals / Restricting Calories
Orange Star Excessive Cardiovascular Exercise
Orange Star Yo-Yo Dieting

Diets That Lack Nourishment

Everyday, diets that lack nourishment are used to lose body weight. Just as long as a person is taking in less calories than are being burned off, he could eat any food to be on a bodyweight loss diet. This person could have a marshmallow diet, a candy bar diet, or even a pizza diet--just as long as he is in a calorie deficit. Yes, this person will lose bodyweight; the scale will go down.

Another example is when a person joins one of these weight loss centers and is allotted so many calories. Most of these weight loss centers do not care what you eat, as long you stay within the amount they’ve allotted you. With such diets, I’ve known many people who would skip meals all day long, just so that they could use all their allotment for their dinner. Or they would use up their whole allotment on un-nourishing foods such as two doughnuts and a piece of bread, as their meals for the whole day. They were happy with themselves because they got to eat what they wanted and still stayed within their calorie allotment.

So, you ask, “What is the problem?”

The problem is that the people on these diets do not care whether they lost lean muscle tissue or body fat, as long as the scale goes down when they step on it.

Losing body weight means this person lost precious lean muscle, and not necessarily any body fat, while they were doing their cooky little diet. Muscle needs protein. Those people did not feed their muscles while on that diet. They actually, starved their muscles, so they lost muscles. And they fed their fat.

MUSCLE = METABOLISM. The more muscle mass a person has, the higher metabolism that person has, the more body fat that person burns, even at rest. So the goal should be to PRESERVE THE MUSCLES.

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Skipping Meals/Restricting Calories

Skipping Meals & Restricting Calories actually lowers metabolism and slows fat loss; your body goes into survival mode. When a sufficient amount of calories are not coming into your body, your body first uses glycogen (sugar stored in the liver and muscles) for energy. Second, your body starts tearing down and wasting your muscles. And unfortunately for all of us, the body preserves your body fat for the last source of fuel. This is for survival. It knows that once your body fat is gone, you are gone.

Your body actually learns that it can get by on less and less calories. So each and every day when you are skipping meals or restricting your calories, your body slowly, but surely, for survival purposes, sloooooows down your metabolic processes. So, now you have to eat smaller and smaller amounts of calories that you have sort of trained your body to adapt to. Otherwise, if you try to jump right in and eat many calories, when your body is now in this slow metabolic state, you will gain weight. That weight would be in the extra calories being stored as body fat.

Even though you have now trained your body to survive on fewer calories, the human body still needs amino acids for your hair, skin, organs, etc. So, if you aren’t supplying those amino acids (proteins) through your nutritional intake, your body will break down your own muscles (that you may or may not have trained hard to build), to put amino acids back into your system, for survival. So, bye, bye muscle.

We cannot afford to lose this lean muscle tissue. We should be preserving the muscle. We all have lean muscle tissue, whether we work out or not. And if you do work out, you know how hard you train to build that muscle. Then, the easy part should be to keep the lean muscle tissue that you have. Feed your muscles. They want protein and lots of it. Do you want to lower your metabolism again, by continually letting your body break your precious muscles down into amino acids (the building blocks of protein), when all you have to do is feed your muscles.

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Excessive Cardiovascular Exercise

Excessive Cardiovascular Exercise  is also another body “weight” loss method that is used and is also muscle wasting. Everyone thinks the more cardiovascular exercises that they participate in, the more body fat they will lose. Not true. Again, the more muscle mass we have, the more body fat we will always be burning, even at rest. The key word here is “always”. Any endurance type training, like long distance running, bicycling, stairmaster climbing, etc. is muscle wasting. Under stress, remember our bodies hoard the body fat for survival and tap into our lean muscle tissue. We do not want to tear down our muscles for a long duration. That’s counterproductive of what we are trying to accomplish. Remember, the more muscle mass, the higher the metabolism.

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Yo-Yo Dieting

Yo-Yo Dieting is now when the dieter has lost the weight and then gains it back, plus some. The dieter would have been better off if he/she had never done that last diet, and the one before that, and the one before that, because with each and every crazy diet that this dieter has tried……..she wasted her lean muscle mass……..she lowered her metabolism….….then lost more lean muscle mass with the next diet……..and lowered her metabolism even more. This goes on and on. This person needs to just STOP. If what she is doing isn’t working, she needs to change her thinking.

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