Priscilla & Family in NYC

Pris, with new friend, Ronda
at The Hudson Hotel

Pris & family on our first NY subway train


Priscilla's kids with a
LIVE Statue of Liberty... Too cool!

Priscilla at Club Marquee,
with new acquaintance,
Terra (a waitress for Penthouse!)


Pris & Lenny Kravitz (Wax, of course!)

 Pris with Ozzy &
Sharon Osborne (Wax, of course!)


Pris & Lucille Ball
(My all time favorite! - again WAX!)
Pris & Madonna (unfortunately WAX!) 


Pris & Mike in Times Square Pris at club ONE


Pris & Mike out in NYC Pris & Family at LIVE 8 in Philadelphia (day trip)



LIVE 8 Philadelphia Crowd
(We were nowhere near the stage!)

My kids at Central Park
(People lie around like at our Florida beaches,
EXCEPT there's no water! Too funny!)


Priscilla's good Gym Rat kids
waiting while she works out

Priscilla with Elle at The American Girl Place


Pris & Family at W Hotel
Pris & Mike at Hotel Gansevoort


Fourth of July on the River in NYC Fourth of July, Pris & her kids on
the River in NYC