Training FAQ

Training FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

» Bulky
No, we women cannot get “big & bulky” like a guy, so don’t worry. We do not have the testosterone of a male, to get big like a male.

High levels of testosterone help build more lean muscle mass and we, as women, only have a minute amount. And those bodybuilder women who get extremely huge (male-like) are usually, supplementing with something to help raise their testosterone levels, to be able to build muscles like a man.

So, women, don’t be afraid to hit the weights hard and train to your maximum potential. If it were that easy to gain extreme muscles, bodybuilders would not have to work so hard at it, nor would the rest of us. Life would be easy, and none of us would be overweight.

» Spot Reduce
There is no such thing as spot reducing. You cannot do a zillion sit-ups and expect your stomach to go away. It’s not going to happen.

You can however, do more sit-ups, to build more muscles, to raise your metabolism, to burn more calories. And you can do sit-ups to build those abdominal muscles, so when you do lose the layer of body fat covering them up, you will see those lean abs.

See, the body works in strange ways. It chooses, not us, where we lose the body fat, first. Just think of men. They store more body fat in their stomach area, and we women store more body fat, unfortunately, in the you-know-what…….. the rear-end.

So, the bottom line is, keep building lean muscle mass everywhere, so that your body will burn off that excess body fat. Then, and only then, will we see those beautiful muscles!
» Losing Weight
When you are weight training, you cannot watch the scale, because muscle weighs more than body fat.

If you are trying to lose body fat, the scale will, per se, give you a false result. The scale only tells you how much body weight you have lost. It does not decipher how much body fat you have lost and how much muscle mass you have gained.

And isn’t that your goal, to gain lean muscle mass?

n example, say your weight started out at 150 lbs, and now the scale reads 145lbs. That tells us absolutely nothing. But if you had your body fat tested (usually with a caliper), you would then, maybe see that you lost 10 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs of muscle.
150 lbs - 10 lbs fat = 140 lbs, but then you gained 5 lbs muscle + 140 lbs = 145 lbs total.

But you should be able to tell that you’ve lost body fat just by how your clothes fit. With weight training you get leaner and tighter, making your inches smaller.
And remember, someone can look heavier than you, but weigh less than you, because they probably do not have much lean muscle mass. They are probably a higher body fat (the term “skinny fat person”), which weighs less than muscle mass. So if you are leaner and more muscular, you are going to weigh more.

But, who cares what the scale says. You want muscles. You want to be lean. The scale means nothing to us muscle-building, fat-burning people!
Growth Hormone is a hormone that is released from the anterior pituitary gland. As the name implies, this hormone, stimulates muscle growth.

Growth hormone is increased with exercise, and it has shown to help build more muscle tissue, mobilize more body fat, and even fight the signs of aging (maybe that’s why older people who exercise even look younger than their years).

Your growth hormone levels are also higher at rest, when the body is repairing & rebuilding those muscles.

Nausea sometimes results from this High Growth Hormone level. That is why some people while training get nauseous, and why some pregnant women get nauseous. Pregnant women have High Growth Hormone levels, also.

So, if you get nauseous while training, it could actually be a sign of a good thing.